The Benefits of Getting Outdoors

Nature is all around you – the trees, the grass, the soil, the sky, and everything in between. In this modern world, it’s easy to forget the beauty of nature and all of its benefits to the human body and mental health. For some, going on a simple hike can have a positive effect that lasts for several days while others make it a daily goal to soak up the sun’s rays and get in touch with the world’s energy. There are plenty of reasons to get off of your computer or smart phone and go to a nature lovers retreat in lyndhurst va.

Prevents Myopia

Myopia, known to many as nearsightedness, is caused when the eyeball has become elongated. It has been rising in children, whose eyes are susceptible to change during their development. One of the causes of myopia has been found to be a lack of sunlight exposure. To prevent this condition, children should be exposed to the sun for at least 3 hours.

Improves Mental Health

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Nature has a positive effect on mental health, decreasing feelings of depression as well as anxiety. When individuals go for walks in nature instead of in urban areas, the brain reacts and activity is decreased in the area of the brain that is associated with depression. It can also reduce ruminating thoughts and increase positive emotions.

Reduces Stress

Nature has been proven to calm individuals and significantly reduce stress. The brain can become fatigued due to stress, trauma, and other life situations that occur. Exploring nature allows the brain to slow down and take in its surroundings, improving mental performance.

If you find yourself feeling stressed more often than you’d like, consider increasing the amount of time you spend in nature. The earth provides many gifts, including peace of mind and balance in the body.